Badugi Strategy

Badugi poker strategy is something that you really want to pay attention to if you wish to become a profitable mixed game player. Lots of people play badugi online and live without much strategy to their game, which means it is one of the easier poker variations to beat. Some people think that just because it is a draw game that somehow there isn’t a lot of strategy involved. That myth couldn’t be farther from the truth, as there is a ton of strategy that goes into winning badugi poker for maximum profits, and much more so than other draw games like 5 card draw.

Badugi Strategy Articles

Learning a new game can be tough, and just like learning anything, you’ll want to study various aspects of each game. Practice makes perfect, so in addition to reading these Badugi?strategy articles, you should play Badugi online to gain experience too. Study up on the following strategy articles and you’ll learn how to play Badugi like a well-rounded poker player.

  1. Beginners Badugi Strategy
  2. Bluffing in Badugi
  3. Reading Your Opponent’s Badugi Hand
  4. Starting Hand Selection
  5. The Best Badugi Strategy

Basic Badugi Strategy

The first bit of badugi strategy that you will have to internalize is picking proper starting hands. The 4 rounds of betting during any badugi poker hand means that the action will be fast and furious, and if you don’t think there is a good chance you can make it all the way to the showdown, you definitely shouldn’t even be in the hand in the first place. Just like NL texas holdem, even more so, badugi is all about folding a lot of hands that get people into trouble.. deep trouble. With the new prevalence of badugi poker online at sites such as Pokerstars, lots of new players are getting in over their heads. Continue following the badugi tips below and you will gain a serious edge over these other rookies.

There are several things to watch out for when selecting your starting badugi hands. For instance, you want to have as many suits as possible, as low as cards as possible, and no pairs at all. Remember that aces are considered low and not high in Badugi, and straights don’t count, so therefore A,2,3,4 of all different suits is the best hand in the game, and called a badugi.

First Draw

For the first draw, you will want to make sure you have at least 3 low cards (8 or lower, but 7 or lower is better), and only have to draw 1 card right off the bat. The reason is because it may take you 2 or 3 draws to hit that last card, and unless it is a loose game than don’t be drawing for 2 cards.

Second Draw

The second draw will be much like the first. If you see that some of your opponents are standing pat already, you will need to reconsider your position if you didn’t hit with your 2nd draw. You could be up against a made hand and not even have a drawing card to save you, or you might be good if you hit and decide to take one more shot.

Third Draw

By the time the third draw is over, you are going to have to gauge how good you are compared to your opponents. Obviously, if they have already stayed pat in a round earlier, chances are that you would need to have filled up your 4 card low hand or badugi in order to go any further. Now you see why making strong decisions preflop come in to play even 3 rounds later, as you will need to decide the strength of your hand and whether you should call or raise your made hand. If you have been drawing the whole way, you might as well call or place one more bet once you hit, otherwise what was the point of continuing in the drawing rounds?

In addition to the above strategy, other general poker tips can be used in the realm of bluffing. Not too much, and not too little is the key in badugi poker bluffing, and you also need to be extremely tricky at times, possibly even pretending that you have a made hand right after round 1 to scare people off, right down to the last round if you have to. Beware though, that is a gutsy move that could backfire if you’re not careful. All in all, if you use the badugi poker strategy laid out above, you are sure to succeed – and with a little patience and focus, you can be well on your way to making a small fortune with badugi poker.

Badugi Strategy

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