How to Play Badeucey

Badeucey, also called Baduci or Badeucy, recently made it to the cash game and tournament scenario and grabbed the attention of many, including professional poker players. The game is a combination of two poker variants – 2 to 7 triple draw and Badugi. Like Hi-Lo games, the pot in Badeucey is split between the top hands made according to the rankings in both games. If a player gets the top hand in both categories, he gets the entire pot. The key objective in Badeucey is to get one or both halves of the pot.

Pre-draw at Badeucey

Pre-draw, each player gets five cards placed face down. Of them, four are used to make the best Badugi hand. All five go into making the top 2-7 triple draw hand. As a draw poker variant, Badeucy allows players to discard and draw to improve their hand strength. All players get three chances to draw their hands.

Two players serve as the big and small blinds who post the compulsory bets. The big blind generally bets the same amount as the lower table limit, while the small blind bets half the limit. Blinds are required only in the first betting round. Once the blinds are posted, the other players at the table have to decide whether to play their hand or not. As players get three opportunities to improve their hand, most stay in the game.

1st Betting and Draw Rounds at Badeucey Poker

To continue in the game (also known as staying in the hand), players have to call or raise. You can call if you want to make the same bet as the player to act before you. To add to the wager, you have to raise. If you do not want to play the hand, you can fold. Once all players make their decisions, the first draw round starts. Players in the hand have the option to discard one card and replace it with another, or to retain all the cards.

2nd and 3rd Betting and Draw Rounds at Bedeucey

This is followed by another betting round (2nd) which leads to a draw round for those continuing in the game. During the betting round, players get the option to check, in addition to calling and raising. You can check if none of the players to act before you have added to the pot.

Next, a third round of betting takes place. After this, players in the pot get to draw once more to make their final hand. Based on the strength of their hand, players can decide to stay or leave the game (4th betting round).

Badeucey Showdown

Those who remain move on to showdown, where the cards are compared to see who has the strongest Badugi and 2-7 hands. If a game has just one player before it reaches showdown, he gets the pot.

Evaluating Badeucey Poker hands

Though most of the parameters used to evaluate hand values are similar to those in lowball, there are a few key differences in Badugi and 2-7 triple draw. For instance, in the former, an ace is valued low, while in the latter, it is the highest ranking card. When evaluating at showdown, ensure that all hands in the pot are revealed.

Badugi: First check for Badugi. The 4-card hand should have distinct suits and ranks. If more than one card has the same suit or rank, the extras are ignored. The more cards that make a valid Badugi hand, the more value it has. For instance, if you have a four card Badugi hand and your opponent, a three-card one, you have a stronger hand. The most powerful Badugi hand you can make is A-2-3-4.

2-7 Triple Draw: The low ranking hands in 2-7 triple draw are the most valued. However, if they are straights or flushes, they count against the hand. So, if you make the lowest ranking hand – 2-3-4-5-6 – it will not count as a valid 2-7 triple draw hand, because it is a straight. The best hand that can bring half the pot in Badeucey is 2-3-4-5-7.