Badugi Rules

Badugi RulesLets take a look at the online badugi rules. If you have played this poker game before among friends or in a live casino setting, you will already know the basic rules of badugi, which translate equally online. You can read on for a refresher, and if you are new to the game of badugi, listen up. The game is fun and the rules are simple. A couple minutes from now when you’ve finished reading this page, you will 100% be comfortable enough to sit in an online real money game.

Badugi Rule Variations

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Basic Badugi Rules

We will start with the basics of online badugi rules. You will find that the rules are actually pretty easy to understand, and even though each round of badugi is longer than other forms of poker, it is just as simple once you understand the betting structure, the hand ranks, and the rules.

The Goal

The goal in badugi poker is to have the lowest hand out of all your competitors, while having no cards of the same suit, and having no pairs or better in your hand.

The Blinds

Just like in most forms of poker you are familiar with, players in badugi post forced bets or “blinds” in the form of the small and the big blind.

Betting and Play

So the cards are dealt to each player, everyone receiving 4 cards face down to all other players. At this time the players can bet, fold, call or raise their hands depending on how much they like them. After this first round of betting, there is a drawing round. In the drawing round, each player can discard 0 to 4 cards to the dealer in exchange for new cards.

Following that drawing round is another betting round, where players can check, bet, call or raise the bets. After that are 2 more identical rounds for both drawing and betting, followed by a showdown if there are still more than 1 players left in the pot. Obviously at that point, whichever player is holding the lowest 4 cards that are not of the same suit, and do not contain any pairs is the winner, and gets the full pot. If two players both have a “badugi”, which is four cards of all different suits and no pairs, the winner is decided by whoever has the lowest 4 cards.

When you play Badugi online, all you need to do is click the cards that you want to discard in each round, and the computer will automatically deal you your new cards. The checking, betting, calling and raising can all be done by pressing the easy to use controls located on the bottom right of the poker table.

Badugi Strategy

Now that you know all of the online badugi rules and important things to actually play and win, the only next logical step would be to actually start playing for real money online. Luckily there are now safe and secure, amazing online poker rooms that feature Bagudi as one of the varieties of poker on offer. Check out the following poker sites that currently spread Badugi poker: