Poker Rooms in Penn State Can Offer Badugi Now

Gambling enthusiasts in Pennsylvania State can now enjoy over a dozen other games along with Texas hold’em poker in the brick and mortar poker rooms of the region. A recent update has revealed that the gaming regulators in the state have agreed to allow side bets in casinos, for popular casino games like craps, blackjack and baccarat. The casinos are also allowed to offer 6 other poker variants including badugi. This is indeed great news for badugi fans in Penn State.

Casinos to Choose the Games They Wish to Offer

While you may have the chance to play a game of badugi at your nearest casino in Pennsylvania, you may not be able to do that just yet. At present, the state is still reviewing a proposal for adding these side bets, and the rules describing how it would work. Should it be approved, which it most likely will, every casino in the state will be allowed to add any of the mentioned games and offer side bets on it. The games that a casino may choose to offer will also depend on its popularity.

Considering the popularity that poker and its variants, especially badugi, have in the US, it is highly likely that most of the Penn State casinos will be ready to offer the six mentioned poker variants once the proposal is accepted.

House Money Betting

The House Money bet concept was introduced by SHFL Entertainment, which was known as Shuffle Master Inc. earlier. Popular with many gamblers, House Money betting allows you to take the winnings from your side bets and wager them on the mainstream games. In a sense, you would be gambling with the casino’s money in this form of betting. House money side bets are allowed for blackjack, traditional baccarat as well as mini and midi baccarat games.

Poker Variants to be Introduced Soon

Besides badugi, casinos in the state can choose from Triple Draw 2-7, Five Card Omaha, Triple Draw A-5, Triple Draw Badeucey and Triple Draw Badacey. Considering these games are different from the traditional Texas Hold’em variant, players will get to enjoy the variety in poker gaming.

Players get 5 down cards, and not 4, in 5-card Omaha. Using two of the cards from the five they hold and three from the community cards, they need to make the highest hand. The 5-card Omaha will be made available by casinos as Omaha-low Split, or Omaha High.

Players will also be dealt 5 cards each in both Triple Draw A-5 and Triple Draw 2-7.In these games, the person with the lowest hand is the winner, as is the case with Badugi, which is also a triple draw game. The difference between badugi and triple Draw A-5 and 2-7 is that in badugi, players are dealt only 4 cards and not 5 cards each. Also in badugi, the aim is to create the lowest hand that has multiple suits.

The split-pot triple-draw A-5 variant is called Badacey, while Triple Draw 2-7 the split pot version is called Badeucy. In these games, player with the highest badugi hand and player with the lowest hand get to share the pot in half.

PokerStars Micromillions Italy to Feature Badugi Tournament

The PokerStars Micromillions series for the Italian site began on 26 December and will continue till January 7, 2013. The list of events featured in this online poker festival includes a badugi game on December 30, 2012, at 2300 hrs. The event has a buy in of just ? 2 and offers a guaranteed cash prize of ? 500.

The main event of the Italian Micromillions series will be on January 7. This event has a buy-in of ? 25, but offers a guaranteed prize of ?100,000. The series also features a High Roller event that offers a guaranteed cash prize of ? 50,000, with a buy-in of ? 50. Other events offering higher cash rewards include the ? 1 NLHE event that offers ? 15,000, on December 30.

The series also included a special NL hold’em event that gave away cash prizes worth ? 50,000 on December 26. The last event of the series will be a NL six max hyper event that has a buy-in of ? 10. The event takes place on January 7 and will be giving away guaranteed prizes of ? 7,500.

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