The ?Last Man Standing? Promo is Back at Carbon Poker

If grinding hands of Badugi is one of your favorite pastimes, then you should definitely visit Carbon Poker. The well-known poker site is offering its Last Man Standing special over the first 29 days of September. While Badugi is not as popular as No Limit Hold?em, there is no doubt that this triple draw poker game is an excellent test of your poker skills. Sign up with Carbon Poker right away to try your hand at this enthralling game. You too can qualify for the amazing promotions that make a regular appearance on this site.

The Last Man Standing Promotion at Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is one of the most generous sites when it comes to rewarding its members. You will find some of the most interesting and unique promotions here. The Last Man Standing promotion is no exception. The promotion started on September 1st and players have steadily been racking up their reward points every single day ever since. This promotion will test the players? ?poker endurance?. There is up to $32,000 in cash to be won from this promotional offer.

How Does the Promotion Work?

The Last Man Standing promotion takes into account the VIP points earned by players over the period between September 1st and September 29th. Players were requested to opt for this promotional event in the Player Admin area to make themselves eligible for this event. A list of VIP Point totals to be earned per day is given onsite. Players have to ensure that they fulfill these requirements every single day through the offer period.

The totals start small but as the time progresses they start building up, which means that only consistent players stand a good chance of winning the final rewards. Carbon Poker allows players to take one day off during this promotion but missing more than a day will disqualify the player automatically. Also, the option to use free days ended on September 10th.

First place in the promotion will bag the player a cool $5000 while the second place winner gets $3500 followed by $2000 for the third place winner.

Badugi at Carbon Poker

Badugi is not the most common poker variety on offer among online gaming sites but at Carbon Poker you can play this game to your heart?s content. Carbon Poker is a popular destination for playing this four-card version of triple draw lowball poker. The objective in this game is to have a card from each suit in the player?s hand. The catch is that there should be no pairs. When a player manages to get four cards in hand belonging to the four different suits he holds a Badugi!

The game begins with four cards being dealt to each player and ends with a showdown that follows the final draw and betting. At the showdown, the lowest Badugi hand is declared the winner. That means that the best hand in a showdown round of Badugi is Ace, 2, 3 and 4, each from a different suit. In case there is no clear winner (i.e.: no player has four different suits in his hand) the best three or two card hand is declared the winner.

As with any game of poker, there is a great deal of skill involved in this game too. Unlike games like Bingo, the player cannot hope to win solely by luck. For winning strategies, don?t hesitate to look through our articles from experts.

About Carbon Poker

Carbon Poker is a part of the Merge Gaming Network. Other popular sites on the same network include BetEd Poker, Poker City and PDC Poker. Although Carbon does not have its own poker pros to add glitz to the site, the rock solid bonuses and generous rewards are a huge attraction.

Merge Gaming, the brand behind Carbon Poker, offers a world-class stable of games and scalable digital gaming platform. Excellent game variety is one of the best features of sites on this network. Stringent RNG verification ensures that gaming is fair at the Carbon Poker site, and that all players have equal chance of winning the rewards. As part of one of the fastest growing gaming networks in the world, Carbon Poker is committed to continuous innovation and player satisfaction.

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