Looking to Play Badugi from the Comfort of Home?

Badugi may not be the world’s favorite poker variant, but it surely is one of the most interesting. However, Online badugi is quickly gaining popularity among poker players for many reasons. One, it is a good variation for those who need a break from Texas Holdem, as it?s a 3-card draw game, which plays completely different from other types of poker. Owing to its growing popularity, many online casinos, along with land-based casinos, are offering this poker variant now.

While playing badugi online is convenient, the experience is truly worthwhile when you choose the right online poker room. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the best online poker sites for playing Badugi.

Poker Variations

When you wish to play online poker for real money, it is wise to choose a site that offers other poker variants besides Texas Holdem and Omaha. That way, you won’t have to hunt for different poker rooms, or make multiple deposits to play different poker games. So, when you want to play online badugi, make sure that you choose a site that also offers other variants like Omaha, Holdem, Stud, Razz and Draw poker along with online badugi.

Player Traffic

Online badugi may be a good alternative to Texas Holdem, but its player base still isn?t as large as other forms of poker. So, when you choose a site, it is important to check if the player traffic at the site’s badugi tables is regular enough to consistently find a game. If there aren?t too many badugi players on the site, you?ll almost always end up waiting for the table to fill up, and the game to begin.

Bonuses and Promotions

Considering that badugi is still not very popular in the online poker circles, you may not find many poker rooms offering an exclusive badugi bonus. However, most sites allow you to wager the bonus on the badugi games that they feature. Again, this may not be the case with all online poker rooms. So to benefit by the bonus offered by the sites and enjoy online badugi at the same time, you should read the terms and conditions of the site before you register with it and make a deposit.

Also, look for sites that regularly host special tournaments or promos for online badugi games. As you may not find many, or even some, dedicated only to badugi, it is best to look for the best poker sites that feature a range of online badugi games.

Popular Online Badugi Sites

Among the many sites that are now offering online badugi, PokerStars is one. The online poker room, which is the biggest in the world, is also a great place to enjoy this poker variant. The site not only offers regular cash games for Badugi, but also includes it in its regular tournaments. Although major poker championships like the EPT and the WSOPE don’t often include badugi, PokerStars has always made it a point to have at least one badugi tournament in the WCOOP and the SCOOP that it hosts every year.

Participants of the WCOOP this month had a chance to take part in the?$320 fixed limit badugi tournament?on September 11. In addition to the regular cash games in Badugi, the site also offers tutorials to educate its members about the variant.

888Poker is the other popular online badugi site that you can consider. The poker room, which is managed by the British group 888 Holdings PLC, is one of the best in the world and attracts a good amount of poker players from the UK, Europe and Australia.

US players who want to play this poker variant online can consider?Carbon Poker, which is one of the few sites that accept players from the country. The site also has good player traffic and also features multiple badugi tables with different stakes. All these online poker rooms offering Badugi also let players try the game for free.

If you have never played Badugi before, it is best to practice the game online for free, rather than take a leap straight from real money Texas Holdem to real money badugi. That way, you can get a hang of the basic strategies in the game and reduce your chances of losing.


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