Carbon Bad Beat Tables removed ? Badugi Players to get Boost

Carbon Poker is definitely one of the better sites that offer Badugi games. Not only are they US-friendly, but this poker room has also recently updated their software client and features. However, they could still use a little more traffic on their Badugi tables, which become sparsely populated during non-peak hours.

It is worth mentioning that the Badugi action will get quite a boost since Carbon recently made the decision to remove bad beat jackpot tables. With the bad beat tables no longer available, a number of recreational players will likely try other poker variations such as Badugi.

From an overall standpoint, the BBJ removal may come as somewhat of a shock to those who?ve played at this site in the past because these tables were quite popular ? with a couple of jackpots eclipsing the $1 million mark in 2009 and 2012. But the reasoning behind removing the BBJ tables is pretty sound, as you?ll see below.

A Better Experience

Rather than just removing their BBJ without an explanation, a Carbon Poker spokesman who goes by the handle ?CarbonRyan? addressed the matter at TwoPlusTwo. His post began by discussing how the site had put a lot of analysis into whether or not BBJ tables were still an asset. In the end, Carbon staff members felt they would have ? a healthier poker room ecology? by disbanding the jackpot action. CarbonRyan further explained the poker ecology aspect by writing:

Rec players won?t lose more of their money to the higher rake, keeping them active on the site for longer, increasing their enjoyment of the game. Reg players will enjoy the fact that there will be more money in the network economy.

Why Players should chase THIS Bad Beat Jackpot

One thing to keep in mind here is that the BBJ tables won?t officially be removed until the current $313,000 jackpot is hit. Additionally, only a collective 70% of the jackpot normally goes to involved players, 10% is kept by Carbon/Merge Gaming for running the promotion, and 20% goes to reseeding the next jackpot. However, the 20% will go directly to involved players this time around, thus adding much more expected value.

If you?re wondering more about the bad beat jackpot distribution, 35% of the prize goes to the hand loser, 17.5% is paid to the hand winner, 17.5% is spread out among everybody else dealt into the pot, 20% will be shared among all players in the hand (this time only), and Carbon/Merge gets the aforementioned 10%. Using the current $313k amount as an example, the hand loser would receive $109,550, the winner would get $54,775, other players dealt into the pot would split a collective $54,775, and everybody in the hand would share $62,600.

Bad Beat Hand Stipulations

As you can see, there is some massive money up for grabs in this last Carbon Poker bad beat jackpot. Once the final BBJ is unlocked, the tables will be shut down just moments afterward. Those who are interested in chasing this final Carbon BBJ should be aware of a few stipulations involved:

– Losing hand must be quad 7?s or better

– Winning hand must be quad 8?s or better

– Losing and winning hands must use both hole cards

– Qualifying hand needs to generate at least $0.50 rake

– The hand has to go to the showdown

– Players must be at designated BBJ tables

– All BBJ tables are Texas Hold?em cash games ? sorry Badugi players!

Other Promotions

Aside from the final BBJ that Carbon is offering, there are a number of other big promotions currently running. And Badugi players can actually participate in some of these!

Punta Cana Classic Packages ? Those who want a chance to play for a $500k prize pool in lovely Punta Cana, Dominican Republic can win a $5,000 prize package through Carbon Poker. The packages cover the $1,500 + $150 Main Event buy-in plus all of the extras such as a hotel room, airfare, and $1,500 in resort credits. Players compete in Steps SNG?s to win these packages, and Step 1 costs just $1.10 to enter.

Last Man Standing ? Over the first 29 days of September, 2012, this site will be running a unique leaderboard race called Last Man Standing. $32,000 will be paid out over the course of the promo, with $5,000 going to first place. Those wanting to share in the huge prize pool need to hit the targeted amount of VIP points each day; provided one meets the target, they stay alive for the next day. When there are just 100 players left, prize pool money will start being paid out, and a $5,000 freeroll is also going to be held for everybody who qualified throughout the promo.

Poker Maximus II ? Based on the popularity of their first ever tournament series, Carbon Poker and the Merge Gaming network have decided to bring back Poker Maximus again. It runs from September 6th-16th, 2012 and will offer $1.3 million in guaranteed money. The highlights include the $150k Main Event Low ($60 buy-in) and $200k Main Event High ($530 buy-in) on September 16th. Satellites will be available for all 35 tournaments, so pretty much anybody has a chance at being involved in Poker Maximus II.

If you?re interested in any of the previously mentioned promotions, make sure to take a closer look at Carbon Poker and the available 150% up to $750 signup bonus. Also, you can see the entire TwoPlusTwo forum thread about the BBJ here.

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