Badugi Players can win Big in PokerStars 85 Billion Hand Promo

On the road towards 100 billion dealt hands, PokerStars has been very generous in giving out bonuses when milestones are reached. Seeing as how Stars is nearing their 85-billionth hand, players can once again expect to see plenty of big payouts along the way. In fact, starting at hand 84,700,000,000 and ending on 85,000,000,000, a potential $1 million will be paid out through millionth and billionth hand bonuses.

Taking this massive amount of money into account, let?s discuss how Badugi players can share in the wealth. Also remember that if you sign up at PokerStars with the ?MPONLINE? code, you?ll get a 100% up to $600 bonus after depositing.

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How to win a Piece of the Milestone Money at PokerStars

If you play Badugi or any other poker variant on cash game tables, you have a chance to win some money through milestone rewards. Every player who?s dealt into a millionth hand from now until hand 85 billion will receive a bonus payout.

The bonus size largely depends on the amount of VPPs earned in the last 50 hands leading up to the milestone. Payouts will also be affected by if a player wins a hand or if they?re merely dealt into it. Also, an extra large payout will be made to those who are involved in the 85-billionth hand. Below you can see examples of both the millionth and 85-billionth formulas in action.

Example of Millionth Hand Milestone with Stars
– Players who are dealt into a millionth hand receive a payout based on this formula: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $60) + $20
– Any grinder who wins a milestone millionth hand gets a bonus based on the following formula: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $60 + $20) x 2

Assuming somebody was to earn 25 VPPs in their last 50 hands before being dealt into a milestone, they?d collect a $1,520 payout [(25 VPPs x $60) + $20]. If the same player was able to win the hand [(25 VPPs x $60 + $20) x 2], they?d collect a $3,040 reward. Please note that the last 50 hands must be played within the last 60 minutes; if somebody were to log in and only play 30 hands before hitting a milestone, only VPPs earned within the 30 hands would be counted.

Example of 85-Billionth Hand Milestone at Stars
– Those dealt into the very special hand 85 billion will receive a payout based on this formula: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $1,000) + $10,000
– The player who wins hand 85 billion receives a massive bonus that?s dependant on this formula: (# of VPPs in last 50 hands x $1,000 + $10,000) x 2

Just being dealt into the 85-billionth hand guarantees each player a $20,000 payout! Of course, they can earn more than this when VPPs are factored into the equation. For example, somebody who collects 25 VPPs before being involved in the magic hand would receive a $35,000 payout [(25 VPPs x $1,000) + $10,000]. If the pot winner were to get 25 VPPs in their last 50 hands, they?d receive a $70,000 bonus [(25 VPPs x $1,000 + $10,000) x 2].

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Promotion Restrictions

One great thing about the hand 85 billion promo is that everybody from Badugi to Hold?em cash game players have a chance to win major money. However, there are a few restrictions that you need to be aware of before attempting to win a share of the potential $1 million.

First off, Zoom Poker cash hands will not qualify as a milestone ? only regular real money cash hands. Expanding on a previous restriction we discussed where only the last 50 hands played in the last 60 minutes count towards VPPs, leaving one table to join another will reset the number of counted hands. Finally, PokerStars can alter the results of the promotion if they have sufficient evidence of players cheating to gain an advantage.

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Strategy for winning Milestone Money at PokerStars

Obviously there?s a high degree of luck involved when it comes to being dealt into a milestone hand. However, players definitely have a better chance of earning a milestone hand bonus by multi-tabling. Sure it?s not good to force yourself to play an excessive number of tables, but it wouldn?t hurt to add at least one more table than usual when a milestone nears.

This brings us to another point in that you need to be watching the hand counter in the PokerStars software. Assuming a millionth or billionth hand is coming up soon, you should keep playing and multi-table to have a better chance at earning bonus money.

One more tip is to play slightly higher stakes if you?re comfortable doing so. The reason why is because higher stakes lead to more VPPs; as we discussed before, milestone hand bonuses are multiplied by VPPs. Above all, have fun playing for these rewards and celebrating the insane amount of hands that PokerStars has dealt over the years!

Play at PokerStars for your Badugi promotions!

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