Updated Carbon Poker Client’s New and Improved Features

When Carbon Poker released a new version (6.0) of its software a few weeks ago, a number of its features were changed and a few new ones were added. This was done to ensure that the site’s offerings remain fresh and engaging. The software features can be used with all the games offered on the site, including Badugi.

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Carbon Poker Filters

One of the key changes the site made was to its filters, which now allow players to quickly sort games. The site has incorporated a quick selector and an advanced filter. With the latter, players can conveniently follow the choices they sort. When the options are selected from the game list, the software will update your choices. The games you choose are displayed in a simple format. Players who want to control several aspects of a game should go for the advanced filter.

Carbon poker Expanders

Players can widen their game selection from the site’s list with a new expander. It gives the option to select and expand tournaments and games so that all the important details about them are displayed for easy viewing. In the expanded window you can see the number of registered players and the time an event begins. If players want to ‘Register’ immediately, they have to choose the option in the game list. To see more information, players should go to the Lobby.

Carbon Poker Tables

With Carbon Poker, players can modify the tables they play at. Table resizing is one such feature which gives them complete control over how much information is displayed at the table they play. To see more, players should increase the size and vice versa. For those who play at multiple tables, the online poker room has developed a provision called Tiling and Cascading. These are view modes which allow you to change the layout of tables when you multi-table. Carbon Poker has also created a Table Stats window where you can get details including the flops played, and the hands won and dealt.

Features Retained by Carbon Poker

Some of the interesting old features still active at the site are Expose One Card and Time Bank. Expose One Card allows a player to choose between showing one or both hole cards. With this feature, you can reveal your cards so your opponents know the starting hand dealt to you. When they see your cards, they will have an idea of why you played your hand the way you did.

Time Bank was incorporated at the site when the 4.4 version of its poker software was introduced in 2009. Carbon Poker retained the feature because it is deemed very useful by the players. Time Bank gives you extra time to make decisions with hands that are quite difficult to play. It can be used in both tournament and ring games. The additional time you get with the feature will change with the game. To get the extra time, you have to activate the feature, which will pop-up once the standard allotted time passes. In ring games, players have the option of accruing the time with the feature, until it reaches the maximum limit.

Carbon poker Tournament to Test Skills: Fat Stack – Slim Stack

Carbon Poker is one of the most reliable online poker rooms where you can play Badugi. With the new and improved features, the gaming environment at the site is rich. To add to what it offers players, the online poker room has launched two tournament series called Fat Stack and Slim Stack. The tournaments are designed to help players improve their bankroll management skills. The Fat Stack tournaments feature big blinds (beginning at 25,000/50,000) and large starting stacks (1,000,000), while the Slim Stack events have a small starting chip count (20) and small blinds (starting at 0.5/1).

The Fat Stack tournaments test players’ ability to keep up with blinds that increase by a large percentage in just ten minutes. The Slim Stack tournaments assess how well players manage their stacks in games where the blinds increase every two minutes. Carbon Poker conducts the events from Friday to Sunday. You can choose from $10, $5 and $2 Fat Stack and Slim Stack tournaments. They are offered as regular, scheduled and sit n go events.

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