Poker View Rewards Players for Being Loyal Members

At Poker View, players get paid for using the real money offerings on the site, which has poker variants like Badugi. This is the poker room’s way of thanking all its players for becoming members and being loyal to it. The more you play at the site, the more points you earn, which in turn helps you climb up the levels in its VIP program. Poker View gives high-ranking players rewards including access to VIP freerolls that take place every month, and cash benefits.

VIP System at Poker View

The site has a four-tier VIP system in which the lowest is Bronze and the highest is Platinum. The two other levels in between are Silver and Gold. Most players get to start at the Bronze level, where they earn 100 points every month. The daily cash-back percentage offered at the level is 5%. At the Silver level, players can get 1,000 points per month and qualify for daily cash-back of 10%. Poker View also gives them $750 in freerolls every month.

Gold level players can get 10,000 points every month and 20% daily cash-back with $2,000 monthly freerolls. At the Platinum level, players qualify for 25,000 points every month, with 35% daily cash-back and $3,000 monthly free-rolls. All players at the Silver, Gold and Platinum levels stand to get a $10 bonus for every 1000 points they earn. Platinum level players qualify for an additional benefit – a personal host.

Besides this offer, the online poker room is running a number of others like Race to Riches, similar to that offered by Black Chip Poker. This promotions is featured on both sites as they operate on the same poker network – Merge Gaming Network.

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PokerView Tourney King

Another promotion at PokerView is Tourney King, which gives players the chance to earn rewards based on their position on the leaderboard. The spot you earn on the leaderboard is dependent on your results in the tournaments you play.

The online poker room maintains two leaderboards – one for Low Limit and another for High Limit games like Badugi. On the 2nd Sunday of every month, Poker View gives players the chance to enter a Leaderboard Grand Finale tournament based on their performance at the tables in the previous month. The combined value of the prizes up for grabs is $20,000 by simply playing at the poker room Pokerview.

How to Enter Tourney King

The low limit leaderboard tracks players’ performances in events with buy-ins ranging from between $0 and $19.99. The high limit leaderboard looks at performance in events with buy-ins in excess of $20. Poker View is running a Grande Finale for each of the two leaderboards. The winner of each finale will earn the title of Tourney King and a cash prize.

To be eligible for the promotion, ensure you earn one of the first two-fifty spots on either leaderboard. Based on the number of points you make in a month, you will be assigned a starting chip stack. An interesting aspect about the promotion is that Poker View does not restrict players from entering both Grand Finale tournaments if they qualify on the High and Low Limit leaderboards.

If you win the top spot in the tournaments, you will get the largest percentage of the $20,000 prize pool. The amount will be paid immediately to your poker account. You will not have to meet play-through requirements to qualify for the prize money. Poker View will also give the winners of both finales a few additional rewards.

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PokerView Bounty Tournaments

By entering PokerView’s rewarding bounty tournaments you are provided with a great opportunity to add money to your bankroll. In these events, you not only get the pot for eliminating an opponent, you also move a step closer to earning the prize money. In bounty tournaments, the site takes out a percentage of the money in the prize pool and places it as a bounty on each player’s head.

Each time you send a player to the rails, the online poker room will pay you that amount. As the payout structure (overall) stays the same throughout the event, you have a good chance of winning both ways. The payouts you get in a bounty tournament are not contingent on where you place. Instead you get paid solely for eliminating opponents.

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